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Karlevy Ltd. is a completely Finnish owned company of which entire design and production is located in Finland. We manufacture acoustic curtains for different spaces and needs. Our curtain is layered and it is made of high quality fabrics.

Our business is based on strong and many sided know how about acoustic solutions. Our curtains offer an ecological, non-toxic, organic and high quality choice for different end-uses.

Our company values ecological thinking throughout the process from product development to manufacturing and end-use. We value also high quality and good customer service to ensure successful end-use experiences. Karlevy Ltd.’s aim is to develop new ecological products for acoustic and design purposes, in which the best characteristics of natural fibers are combined with high quality fabrics to generate fascinating new products.

Natural fibers into curtains

One of our layered acoustic curtain materials is peat. It is used in the heaviest three layered flat curtains. It is based on Konto Ltd’s long-term development with natural fibers. Finnish surface peat is excellent curtain material. It has an unique capacity both to absorb and to insulate. The surface peat is also very durable and flexible material to shape. Karlevy acoustic curtains combine and optimize these abilities together with high quality fabrics offering new and ecological ways to absorb sound. They act on top of this as darkening and insulating curtains.

Karlevy acoustic curtain’s test results prove that products are highly competitive in comparison to the similar products on the market. Compared to many other products, our products offer more sustainable and ecological choice.

Karlevy’s ecological acoustic curtains

Karlevy’s ecological acoustic curtains exhibit A-class sound absorption capability. Our line of products is unique in the world and is manufactured only by us. Our acoustic curtains can be used even as light partition walls. They are Finnish products and Finnish design. We are able to offer an interesting, ecological, healthy and safe solution to solve acoustics problems at home or in public spaces such as hotels, restaurants, theaters, day-care centers, schools, offices, hospitals etc.

Natural silence

Karlevy acoustic curtain offers natural silence for a variety of different spaces. Our acoustic products remove echo by bringing a piece of nature inside facilities – generating a comfortable atmosphere in a safe and soft ecological way.